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“Learn what type of eater you are, how to celebrate and enjoy it, and how to work with it to achieve any experience
or result that you want!”

Do you ever feel frustrated or confused about food, eating, diets or health? Would you like to better understand your eating habits, and how you can open up to a new way of thinking, feeling or being around food? Eat Right for Your Personality Type is an exciting and completely new take on food and eating that shines a brilliant light on how what we eat and drink – and why – shapes not only our body, but every single aspect of our life.

You might be surprised to learn that the dietary choices you make are more often than not totally unconscious decisions, and that your personality type is in fact the number one driver for your behaviour around food. This ground-breaking book holds the secret to the ten different eating styles that exist and the gifts and challenges each one holds, showing the reader how each style can be used to create the experiences they want in their own life.

Whether you want to achieve weight loss, energy gain, improved health or inner peace – or simply find a more convenient way to eat for your lifestyle – this book will put you firmly in control of your relationship with food, and allow you to find the perfect balance based on your current or long-term needs or desires.

“Why I wrote this book” by Karen Knowler

Food, sex, money, politics and religion: these are said to be the five most emotive subjects on the planet. We all have opinions about each, we generally feel strongly about them, and yet we also desire to be better informed, to expand our understanding, and we find discussing these topics fascinating, challenging and thought-provoking by turns, no matter what our own personal beliefs and experiences may be.

For those on a path of conscious growth, the desire is always there to keep learning, evolving and utilising any new information that will help us become a better person, a better planetary citizen and, on a more selfish level (but vital nonetheless), to simply lead a happier and healthier life.

I wrote ERFYPT because as a professional food coach of over a decade it became clear to me that while everyone may have a different opinion about food and what to eat and why, even the most informed of people would still reach for foods that they knew to be unhealthy, and foods that they really didn’t want to be eating, but usually they couldn’t truly understand why.

This led me to ask two very big and important questions:

  1. What, then, is the number one driver for our food choices and what and how we decide to eat?
  2. Why do we reach for certain foods even when we know they’re not good for us?

The answer to the first question became very clear very quickly – it all comes from inside of us. And although there are many layers to each person’s relationship and patterns around food, ultimately it is from the level of personality (identity) that people make their eating decisions. And this, quite fascinatingly, will create/change everything – depending on whether someone is being unconscious or conscious about how they’re using food in their body and their life.

When it came to answering question #2, the answer ended up going really deep – the truth revealing itself to be that with every bite and every sip that we bring into our body we are truly creating a new reality for ourselves, from the cellular level out. And those who reach for foods and drinks that they know aren’t doing them good, are not choosing from a place of creativity and personal power, but instead from a place of reactivity and very often fear. That is, they are responding to an emotional, mental or physical trigger and effectively spin their wheels, doing what they’ve always done, and getting what they’ve always got, rather than pro-actively creating health, energy, vitality and high performance, which all get to become possible when we take back the reins in our own eating habits and move into self-love.

The bottom line became clear: Who you are being + what you are eating = your experience.

And so it is that the most profound question any person can ask when it comes to food and diet is: “Do I love what I’m creating?”

If your answer is “no”, then you need to read this book!

As I have found, most people’s downfall with food is not necessarily not knowing what to eat, but how to eat in a way that is good for them and still feels congruent with who they are and what they want to experience with food.

This feels like an impossible dream to most people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I wrote this book to show how the two worlds can indeed mesh beautifully, and how for some people that will be easy, while others may need to shift a little in order to become the person they truly want to become and have the experience they truly want to create.

If you are ready to find out more about why you do what you do around food and how it’s working both for and against you, then discovering your type (or types) and learning more about yourself and how the energy of food works will not only make for fascinating reading, but also provide fantastic fodder for the next office coffee-break conversation, or asking “what type of eater are you?” the next time you socialise and feel ready to enter into emotive topic #1!

People love finding out their type(s), finding out the type(s) of those they love and comparing types and experiences and insights with anyone they can – and you will too!

If you’re ready to become your own best friend, totally transform your understanding and relationship to food, and truly set yourself free to do what you want to do in your own uniquely wonderful way, then ERFYPT is the ultimate guide to an adventure that will truly last a lifetime – and get you the body and life that you really want.

Read this book and you will…

  • Learn what your current relationship with food and eating is like, and how happy (or not) you are with it
  • Discover what your biggest problem is that prevents you from experiencing optimum joy around food and eating
  • Learn what your score is out of the possible 100 in the Ultimate Eater Quiz
  • Discover what your current “Eater Type” profile is, and specifically how that’s been serving you (or not)
  • Learn about each of the different Eater Types, especially your own
  • Get super-clear on what’s been working within each type, what’s been unhelpful, what specifically needs to be enjoyed more, what needs to be eradicated, and what Eater Type (or Types) can best help you to experience that
  • Get clear on what you need to do (specifically) to strengthen the positives and eliminate the negatives
  • Learn about food as energy and why this is the healthiest way to look at food – devoid of all man-made labels
  • Understand exactly how the food choices you make shape not just how you look and feel physically, but creates a ripple effect throughout your entire being to change every aspect of yourself and your life
  • Get clear on which of the 10 possibilities is most appropriate for you to pursue right now
  • Map out your own unique path to creating what you want by working with your personality type, different foods and a clarity of intention to take your body, life and diet to a whole different level

In short, you will come to understand yourself, food and what happens when the two worlds combine in a whole new way, enabling you to create a different reality for yourself if you’re not happy with where you find yourself at now.

And, if you don’t want to go that deep, you can just take the “What Type of Eater Are You?” Quiz, find out your type(s) and read all about them. (And then do the same for your partner/friend/family/colleague. Everyone has a type!)

Whichever approach you take, you will find that no matter where you’re at in your life and eating awareness, you are going to learn something – or many things – that will make sure that you never give yourself a hard time about being yourself again AND you have the knowledge and tools to become an even happier and healthier version of yourself, if you so desire.






Chapter 1: What Type of Eater Are You?

  • The Functional Eater
  • The Sensual Eater
  • The Intellectual Eater
  • The Emotional Eater
  • The Focused Eater
  • The Intuitive Eater
  • The Conscious Eater
  • The Experimental Eater
  • The Confused Eater
  • The Social Eater

Chapter 2: So How’s That Working For You?

Chapter 3: Everything Changes Right Here



Chapter 4: The Plate of Possibilities

  • Eating For Weight Management
  • Eating For Beauty, Health and Vitality
  • Eating For Energy
  • Eating For Performance
  • Eating For Fun and Enjoyment
  • Eating For Peace, Connection and Contentment
  • Eating For Optimum Nutrition
  • Eating For Self-knowledge
  • Eating For Comfort
  • Eating For Convenience, Lifestyle and Circumstance

Chapter 5: What’s Your Most Delicious Recipe?

Chapter 6: A Whole New World

Great Foods For Healthy Eating

Eat Right for Your Personality Type Personal Success Blueprint

Menu Plan Template

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Title: Eat Right for Your Personality Type: How to Work with YOUR Personality to Create the Perfect Diet for You

Author: Karen Knowler

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Hay House UK

Publication date: 5th March 2012

Language English

ISBN: 978-1-84850-577-3

Price: £12.99 (Approx. $20 US)

Dimensions: 21.5 x 13.5 x 2.4 cm

Pages: 288 pages

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“I just finished your book, Eat Right For Your Personality Type, and I must say you really hit it out of the park with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and I love, love, love the descriptions of the eating personalities! Your experience as a coach really comes through and you definitely have positioned yourself as an expert with this book. But I must say, the most surprising and impressive part of the book is the way you help people to know they can CHANGE their type, and that you guide them into precisely HOW to do it! Brilliant! I stayed up very late to finish your book, and it was worth every minute of lost sleep. Bravo, Karen!” Kelli Bailey, USA