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“Eat Right for Your Personality Type” [Paperback book]

This is where the ERFYPT journey begins… This ground-breaking book will open your eyes wide to what really drives your eating choices, which of the 10 eater types you are, and how to work with your type to get the results you want in every area of your life.

Perfect for you if: You’re fascinated by the psychology behind food, eating and how what you eats create your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience.

NB: This is a book that speaks to everyone, no matter what their current diet, personal circumstances or state of health and is suitable for anyone who is interested in exploring their relationship to food and improving their diet and health in any way, shape or form.

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“Raw Food Made Simple” eBook [Instant download]

This 184-page handbook is the perfect low-intensity starter guide to eating more raw food – be it a little or a lot. The perfect answer to all those common first questions, this eBook covers all the basics in just the right amount of detail and also has many other exciting features such as 15 quick, easy and delicious raw recipes, a 5 day menu plan, 11 real life stories of transformation and a Go Raw! Action Plan.

Also makes a great gift for those you love who want to know more.

Perfect for you if: You’re just getting started and want a simple non-nonsense, anyone-can-do-it guide to eating raw, that you can even pass on to your sceptical parent or sibling!

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