Train in the ERFYPT approach

Are you a health professional, nutritionist, food coach, personal trainer or alternative practitioner who’d love to use the eater personality types work with YOUR clients?

The benefits of using this work are many and varied including:

  • You will better understand the differences in your clients, how to work with them and create products and services for them that are tailored to their type/s.
  • Any recommendations you make to your clients are personalised in a way that they will actually implement – thus getting results!
  • You can use the typing system to simply help your clients gain clarity (invaluable in and of itself) or to take them down a more detailed and in-depth path of products and/or services.
  • You can even niche yourself to work with specific types – this typically will be the ones that you can most relate to.
  • Raise your fees because this work will save your clients time, money and energy trying to figure out what will work for them (you’ll get quicker, more powerful results), PLUS they’ll know how to work with their type in the future.
  • Set yourself apart – this knowledge is not yet mainstream, so when you qualify as an ERFYPT practitioner you’ll stand out as being someone who has a lot more to offer and is on the cutting-edge.

The ERFYPT Training will be taking place live in or around London in late 2012/early 2013. To be the first to know and save £200 on the Training, simply register your interest in the boxes below and you’ll be placed on the VIP waiting list.

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