What to eat

While every Eater Type will be drawn to different ways of eating and have their own personal favourite foods, the fact remains that whatever type you are, some foods are still going to be better for you than others!

You can find the complete list of healthy foods that I recommend on page 253-255 of the book.

For more healthy guidelines, if you are looking to look and feel your best, here are some great rules to make you healthful eating decisions by:


RULE #1: Make three-quarters of each meal be “high-water content foods”

What this means: High-water content foods are fresh fruits and vegetables.

What this could look like: Your favourite dense cooked/raw food choice served with a large fresh salad or steamed veggies. Or a fresh fruit salad served with healthy nut or yoghurt-based topping.

Benefits: Eating this way will make you feel lighter, cleaner and very likely lose weight (if required). You’ll also very likely gain energy, especially if most or all of your high-water content foods are raw.


RULE #2: Eat as many raw foods as possible (at least 50% of your diet)

What this means:  Raw foods cover the following food groups: Fresh fruits; Vegetables; Salad vegetables; Leafy green vegetables; Herbs; Wild greens; Nuts; Dried fruits; Sprouted beans, pulses and legumes; Sprouted grains; Seeds; Sprouted seeds; Indoor greens; Sprouted vegetable seeds; Edible flowers; Mushrooms; Sea vegetables; Algaes; Oils; Stimulants; Spices; Flavourings and healthy sweeteners;  Superfoods.

What this could look like: Very similar to above, raw foods can be woven into all meals very easily and deliciously, whether it’s choosing salad instead of potatoes, having a smoothie for breakfast instead of toast, or enjoying a fresh juice instead of a cup of coffee. To read more about how to get started eating more raw foods in the easiest way possible, click here.

Benefits: Raw plant foods come complete with all nutrients, oxygen, water and phytochemicals intact and are the most alive, nutritious foods of all. As a result you will look and feel your very best when you increase the amount of raw foods in your diet – quite simply, the more life force you put in, the more life force you can put out!


RULE #3: Only eat when you’re hungry

What this means:  Ideally this means waiting until you are so hungry that even a plain undressed lettuce leaf or a single morsel of anything would be appealing. When that’s not the case, it’s unlikely that you’re truly hungry and you may be being driven by the desire to consume (just for the sake of consuming), or the desire simply to taste something. Neither are great reasons to eat, and you should put your attention elsewhere whenever this is the case.

What this could look like: In the morning, wait until you are hungry before eating breakfast. If this feels impractical, if you look, you’ll always find a way around it, such as taking your breakfast in to work or keeping healthy foods stashed in your office desk. At lunchtime, if necessary, take a later lunch than normal in order to honour your appetite. And for your evening meal, don’t feel you must eat a large dinner if your body isn’t asking for it. In fact, it’s often healthiest to “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and have supper like a pauper”. The latter might be something as simple as a juice or smoothie or a simple bowl of soup.

Benefits: If you follow your true hunger, it’s very difficult to gain weight, and if you have weight to drop, then you’ll find it so much easier to lose weight as you’ll no longer be overeating.

Sample healthy menu plan

Because there’s so many different ways you can eat, there’s so many different menu plans that could be created – literally tens of thousands of variations!

However, in order to get you started, below you can download a sample menu plan that is a great mix of cooked and raw foods that everyone will enjoy and get great benefits from.

To make this menu plan perfect for you, simply tweak it according to your Eater Type as follows:

Functional Eaters: Make as many of these meals/recipes quick and easy to make or source healthy pre-made or delivered versions.

Sensual Eaters: Add in some treats that get you excited, but keep them healthy!

Intellectual Eaters: Add in some superfoods to boost nutrition content or whatever you feel is needed.

Emotional Eaters: Add in some healthy treats, but ration them so that you have your limits and you stick to them.

Focused Eaters: Tweak the plan according to your current goal/s.

Intuitive Eaters: Remove the foods that you know don’t work for your body and add those that do.

Conscious Eaters: Remove any foods that aren’t a fit for your ethical code and make sure the ones you add are healthy.

Experimental Eaters: Add in any foods that you’ve wanted to try or that make you feel exotic, but make sure they are healthy.

Confused Eaters: Follow this plan for a week and then see what changes you want to make.

Social Eaters: Factor in any social engagements and plan ahead as to what you’re going to eat.

Download instructions:

Right click to save the document to your computer or click on the image to open the menu plan in your web browser.

This document is a PDF, so you’ll need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to see it. If you don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer download it here.


Want more recipes, ideas and menu plans?

If you’re looking for more healthy ideas and recipes to incorporate in your diet, check out the ERFYPT STORE for additional products that will help you start getting healthy right away!